SQILSHOOT - is a system for automatic determination of the quality of shooting, the shot execution technique analysis, that works with military weapons without additional attachments.


SQILSHOOT automatically detects quantity and quality of shots. All information on the course of shooting is displayed on the monitor in graphics mode and sent to the printer. The system allows to monitor the firing remotely regardless how far the target is.


SQILSHOOT determines the technique of the shot execution and if there is an error suggests the way to eliminate it. Dynamics data results are archived and graphically show the development of shooting skills, taking into account any possible influence of the shooter’s emotions on them.

Key features


SQILSHOOT processes plenty of streams from IP cameras, automatically defines the contour of a static, moving and falling target, and determines the results of shooting.


the system allows to analyse errors in shooting and to suggest possible reasons of their occurrence.


the system integrates with the mobile application, makes it possible to import / export data.


SQILSHOOT allows you to determine the shots and their results in less than 0.01 seconds with an accuracy of 99%.

Quality service

Solutions to reduce time costs

SQILSHOOT allows to monitor the progress of shooting remotely, without the need to approach the target at any distance. It is possible to use geographically distributed targets. The monitor displays information about hits and scored results in real time with access to view from mobile devices. The system identifies shooters faces in real time from the stream of IP-cameras and automatically sets the shooter in the current session. SQILSHOOT makes it possible to continue / cancel shooting in case of misfire or any another problem.

Automatic calculation of results

Mobile access

The possibility to continue the shooting

Automatic detection of the shooter

Improving of shooting performance

Using the solution to determine the dynamics of results

The system allows to analyse errors in shooting and any possible reasons of their occurrence. SQILSHOOT determines the technique of a shot executing: mistakes in choosing aiming area, errors in the distribution of attention, a sharp jerk of the trigger at the time of the shot and a tightened shot. Moreover, the system determines the shooter’s emotions and their possible impact on the shot result.

Determining the quality of shooting

Aiming trajectory analysis


Work with archives

Collection and storage of shooting results

SQILSHOOT stores results and hits photos of all the shots. It also provides the ability to search data by the date of the shooting, by the name of the shooter, which can be downloaded, printed out or sent to mail and / or shooter’s mobile device. The system allows to build charts of the results, which show the development of shooting skills with the influence of the shooter’s emotions on them.

All-time result archive

Result dynamics charts

Audio personalization

Solution to replicate the sound of the shooting process

The system provides the ability to replicate the sound of the shooting using individual sound and prompts to refer to the shooter through the headphones, as well as offers an audio shooter invitation to take a position on the desired direction to begin the session.

Replicating the sound of the shooting process

Audio shooter invitation to the direction

Automation of combat shooting training process

Save time and money.

Ease of use.

Compatible with all combat exercises

Autonomy and reliability in use

Works without additional attachments


Use one solution -
get lots of usage variations.


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